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  • (ISC)2Chapter membership consists of (ISC)2 credential holders and non-(ISC)2 credential holders. Members of (ISC)2 (credential holder) are not automatically members of an (ISC)2 Chapter. Chapter membership is completely voluntary and members may join more than one (ISC)2 Chapter.

  • Chapter membership dues are determined by the chapter and collected by the chapter. The Annual Maintenance Fees (AMFs) required to maintain an (ISC)2 credential are separate from the chapter and are collected by (ISC)2.
  • (ISC)2 Chapters are open to anyone except those who have been knowingly convicted of criminal activity or conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals. Individuals who have been convicted of any crime of violence, fraud, embezzlement, murder, rape or any form of computer crime are ineligible to join.
  • An (ISC)2 credential holder or other security professional who is employed by entities with a conflict, offer a service, or are commercially motivated to promote alternative certifications/training may become a member of an (ISC)2 Chapter; but cannot serve as a chapter officer.
  • A member from another security chapter organization may join as a member of an (ISC)2 Chapter; however, an officer from another chapter organization cannot concurrently serve as a required officer of an (ISC)2 Chapter.
  • Only (ISC)2 credentialed members in good standing may hold the required officer positions of President, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Chair. Although the position of Vice President is not required, the individual holding this position must be an (ISC)2 credential holder.
  • Non-(ISC)2 credentialed chapter members may hold an elected chair/director positions after the chapter has been established and has received its charter.
  • All (ISC)2 Chapter members are required to abide by the (ISC)2 Code of Ethics. [For more information, visit]
  • (ISC)2 Chapter members shall not promote or advance commercial and/or political agendas, including the promotion of any outside organization, to the chapter membership. Only organizations sponsoring chapter events and activities may be promoted during the sponsored event/activity and subject to guidelines as set by the Chapter.
  • All (ISC)2 Chapter members must abide by the (ISC)2 Trademark Requirements and Branding Guidelines as outlined in the (ISC)2 Official Chapter Handbook

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