May Chapter Meeting – Minutes



Donovan Nichols

Teresa Westfall

Steve Rawson

Shane Stailey


(listed in attendance rolls)


Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by Steve Rawson

Chapter Business


Next Meeting

The next chapter meeting will also be held at the Bank of Idaho Community Room on June 26th. We have invited Wes Morris of Clearwater Consulting to speak with us. We will also be discussing how to proceed with our chapter activity of CISSP learning opportunities.

July Meeting

We are in the initial planning for a summer pot-luck picnic for the last weekend in July. More details to come.

September Activity

Our chapter activity will be the BSides Conference. Watch for more details.

Network Analysis using Excel and Zek - Tim Wakeman

Tim Wakeman presented on the value of network analysis using Zek and Excel to quickly conduct analysis of network traffic specifically looking for traffic that violates best practices of isolation in the Purdue control system model.

Slides : Industrial-Control-System-Network-Traffic-Analysis.pptx

Confessions of a Data Geek - Teresa Westfall

Teresa Westfall spoke to her history as a Data Geek. She discussed the early issues in cyber and its developments especially as it related to data and its storage and management in early data centers. She told us about the developments in cyber as impacted by significant events like the data breach of Robert Hanssen and 9/11.

No Slides

Meeting Adjourned at 8:35 by Donovan Nichols



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